Professional Development

Customised Training for Centre Groups

This is a full day workshop for individual teams wanting to review their Aboriginal programs and practices. The training is tailored based on information gathered from a pre-training survey.

This workshop can include:

  • Indigenous history in Australia, legislation and the impact on todays communities.
  • How to engage local Aboriginal communities.
  • Strategies to include and support Aboriginal families and children at your centre.
  • Practical examples of how to include Aboriginal perspectives into your services daily curriculum.


An Introduction to Aboriginal Australia

Duration: 3hrs

This workshop will provide participants with information regarding the traditional lifestyles of Aboriginal people and how this was changed forever by invasion, legislation and injustices that violated the human rights of Aboriginal people and their communities. These past acts of violence and cultural genocide have directly shaped and impacted the lives of Aboriginal people today and therefore affect our role, philosophy and practices as early childhood educators.There will be discussions provoked by examples from the media that prompt participants to discuss their values and attitudes. Participants will be guided to critically reflect on their own biases and how these have perhaps been shaped by negative stereotypes of Indigenous people.

This workshop will also include information on acknowledgement and welcome to country, who can identify as an Aboriginal person, the significance of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag and the diversity of Aboriginal languages.

This workshop contributes to part recognition for competency HLTHIR404D Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander People.

Max Number of Participants: 50


Literacy and Numeracy

Duration: 3hrs

In this workshop we discuss traditional methods of storytelling and discuss the appropriateness of dreamtime stories and examine alternative examples of children’s books and puppets that include Aboriginal perspectives in line with the current interests of the children. This workshop also provides an introduction to the Aboriginal languages, how they are structured, and practical examples and strategies of how educators can include Aboriginal language in their program. This workshop will also have a range of play experiences that embody literacy and numeracy concepts.

Max Number of Participants: 25


Sustainability, bush tucker gardens and cooking

Duration: 3hrs

This Workshop focuses on the traditional custodians of the land and their cultural values and practices to ensure the sustainability of the land
This workshop would look at bush tucker and give case study examples of how children services are including native plants and food sources in their program e.g. installation of native bee hives, fire pits as well as growing, harvesting and cooking with native bush tucker plants.

Cooked Bush Tucker lunch optional

Max Number of Participants: 25


Working with Aboriginal families and communities

Duration: 3hrs

In order to provide quality care to Aboriginal children and families early learning services should seek to work in partnership with other stakeholders and service providers in their community. This workshop guides educators to map their local community and identify key services, people and places to connect with.

We will discuss community protocols and develop strategies so educators feel confident in how to begin their journey upon return to their early learning service.


Max Number of Participants: 50


Embedding Aboriginal Perspectives


“We know we should but we don’t know how!” is a common statement made by many well-meaning educators in reference to Aboriginal programs. It is still a popular belief that Aboriginal culture should only be acknowledged and celebrated on particular calendar events and not included in the everyday curriculum.This workshop will highlight the importance of including Aboriginal perspectives into services programs and why it needs to be done EVERY DAY!

This is a practical hand’s on workshop that provides educators with multiple examples of experiences.

It will guide educators through Aboriginal programming step by step for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers.


Aboriginal Art Workshop


Aboriginal inspired art experience in an early childhood context is so much more than just collaged red, black and yellow flags and cotton bud dot paintings. This workshop will inspire educators and open them up to the many possibilities of how they can facilitate respectful Aboriginal inspired art experiences with children.

Educators will acquire knowledge on both traditional and contemporary art practices and will be exposed to children’s literature and resources that support the inclusion of Aboriginal perspectives in their art curriculum.

There will also be an opportunity to engage in a practical hands on art experience.


One on one mentoring

Duration: Minimum 2hr booking per service

This will guide individual educators on their learning journey and through challenges that they encounter in relation to Aboriginal programs. This is open ended although could include; guidance with Reconciliation Action Plans, connecting with communities, supporting Aboriginal children and families and programming ideas.


Reconciliation Action Plans

Koori Curriculum is able to attend staff meetings to support services who are beginning their Reconciliation journey. Facilitators will guide educators through the Narragunnawali platform and give case study examples on how services are meeting their RAP goals and actions.